The Eastend Historical Museum and Cultural Centre Inc. (EHMCCI) is the community organization whose mission is to preserve and promote the history of Southwest Saskatchewan. It serves as a Tourist Information Centre and as a community resource to its cultural activities.

The EHMCCI is unique because of its beginning. ‘Corky’ Jones one of our earliest settlers founded the museum with his collection of locally discovered fossils and dinosaur bones. It was his great conviction that these artefacts needed to be exhibited in the community where they had been found. This collection has provided the basis on which to build historical material from the many settlers, homesteaders and residents since the beginning of the community in 1914. The varied exhibits display a deep sense of a unique community identity.

The EHMCCI currently houses its displays in a series of historical buildings on the corner of Redcoat Trail and Elm Avenue in Eastend Saskatchewan. The main display building is the former Pastime Theatre; a frame structure built in 1914.

Staffing during the summer months of opening is done by a student employment grant, and by part time staff paid by organizational fundraising. Other staffing requirements are filled with volunteers.

The historical museum is open daily during the summer months, and by appointment during the remainder of the year.